5 unexpected ways to use ICE to make summer BBQs extra sizzling!



For many of us, as soon as the sunshine’s out, the BBQ is dusted off and given pride of place in the garden. We love to sizzle meat, kebabs, marshmallows….in fact anything we can get our hands on, and have a few cold drinks with family and friends. Here at The Ice Co, it’s no different, however we think we have a few hidden secrets that could help add that extra sizzle to this summer’s BBQs!


1. Quick and easy refreshment cooler tip (No more dunking in ice cold water to get your drink!)
Ice at your BBQ is essential for keeping refreshments cool, whether it be cocktails, beers or soft drinks. So this quick and easy way to keep them cool in the sun without the dreaded task of dipping arms into a tub of freezing cold water because the ice has melted, can be a more convenient way to grab your next refreshment.

homemade ice bucket

A 1, 2, 3 step guide and you have yourself a homemade ice bucket for your next BBQ.

First, grab a colander, any size will do, ensuring you have a bowl a little larger to sit the colander in.

Then fill the colander with The Ice Co Party Ice and lastly slot in your favourite refreshments….melting ice will drip through into the bowl and not create a freezing pool of water.  With this simple tip no need to go on a hike to the kitchen, enjoy the sun while it lasts!



2. Say goodbye to dry chewy burgers

This easy tip works well for homemade burgers. Its home cooking at its best. Impress friends with the tastiest beef burgers they’ve had, whilst cooking well but keeping moist in the middle for the perfect burger on the BBQ.

Beef Burger

Sit one of The Ice Co Ice Cubes directly on the middle of the burger, (for a great easy homemade burger recipe try this one from BBC Good Food), then place immediately on the BBQ …you don’t want the ice cube to melt pre-cooking as the meat will soak up the water. Cook as normal and serve!

TOP TIP: For best results, once cooked wrap the burger in aluminium foil and allow to rest for 10 minutes, this is great if the rest of your meal isn’t ready.

*As always, please ensure your meat is cooked before eating.


3. Making Corn on the Cob ice as you like
A BBQ favourite has got to be tasty corn on the cob, but try adding ice while grilling for extra sweetness and crunch! This helps to steam the corn and make it a more convenient option for at home BBQ cooking. The Ice Co Ice Crush works best for this. To use this recipe follow these simple steps.

Recommended ingredients:

-Fresh corn on the cobCorn on the cob

-A tablespoon of butter for each

-3 tablespoons of The Ice Co Ice Crush for each corn

-Aluminium foil to wrap corn

-Pinch of Salt (optional)

1. Prepare corn by removing husk
2. Cut the foil into pieces big enough to create a parcel around the corn.
3. Place corn onto foil squares and add 3 tablespoons of Ice Crush to each corn, with a tablespoon of butter and pinch of salt.
4. Wrap up, cook on the BBQ and enjoy!

Salad4. Thicker dressings for tastier salads, simply by adding an ice cube

Making a dressing this summer for a salad? This may just be the tip that you need!

When mixing olive oil and balsamic vinegar together (or in fact any dressing ingredients) add an ice cube and shake in a jar as hard as you can. Remove the ice cube once mixed.

The ice cube cools the dressing and leads to a much creamier and thicker dressing making your tasty salad an even nicer addition to the summer BBQ.




5. Chill out with this hayfever reliever

For those who suffer from hayfever and that awful feeling of puffy eyes. Why not use this simple trick?

Wrap a handful of The Ice Co’s Party Ice into a napkin and apply to eye lid, on and off for up to 15 minutes to help reduce puffiness and give much needed soothing.



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