Brand-new Frozen Fizz and Frozen Rosé (AKA Frozé) cocktails: giving elegance an Ice & Easy approach. Available now!



Gents, grab your cravat and ladies, pick out your favourite LBD because our new fancy Ice & Easy frozen cocktails are here, and by popular demand!

Based on refreshing twists of modern drinks, these cocktails comprise of delicate flavours and summery vibes and come dressed to impress with a brand new look.

Our 4 classical Ice & Easy cocktail flavours are well established around the world and the fruity familiar flavours hold those summer vibes for any occasion. However, Ice & Easy is offering a new level of sophistication with 2 new premium flavours; Frozen Fizz and Frozen Rosé.



Frozen Fizz adds a touch of class to any occasion with hints of elderflower, cucumber and mint and a splash of Prosecco to provide a refreshing, uplifting taste with an elegant touch.


Frozen Rosé, better known as Frozé,  amongst fans, embraces the celebrated taste of Rosé wine but infused with just enough berry and lemon to add to the summer feel of our alcoholic slushies, therefore making this flavour delicious to everyone’s taste buds, wine drinker or not!





We shared our latest additions with the crowds at Yorkshire Food & Drink Festival  in Leeds in June. As usual, with so much choice at such events, event goers were questioning whether our new frozen flavours were the drink they desired out of the hundreds of options available. Those thoughts quickly faded and the queues to try and buy were endless…the new cocktails were a hit with the distinguished taste appealing to all, even you gents… Don’t fight the tasty temptation!




The cocktails are now available to buy on Amazon, alongside our current range, and our website will show new stock lists as they come on board!


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