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It’s going to be a hot week…

  The weather is set to be bright, hot and sunny for the next week so The Ice Co° is issuing a WARNING…STOCK UP ON YOUR ICE CO° ICE NOW! With the weather turning this week and the mention of warm (dare we say HOT?) sunny days everyone wants to make plans for the family popping round for […]

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ICE moves in mysterious ways…

Meanwhile in North America; “killer whales escape as Canada’s Hudson Bay ice shifts”. A dozen killer whales that were trapped under sea ice with only a single breathing hole have reached safety in Canada’s Hudson Bay. Shifting winds pushed floating ice away from the coast opening up water leaving the whales jockeying for space to breathe […]

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Typical Bank Holiday Weather

It doesn’t even surprise me that it rained all weekend seeing as though it was bank holiday and it happens every bloomin’ time! 3 bbqs, (greedy) and 3 thunderstorms, 2 torrential downpours and 1 shed load of Hail! typical August bank Hols. However now it is beautiful sunshine and we are all stuck at work. […]

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