Christmas Countdown: The Ice Co Advent Is Coming Soon To A Phone, Tablet Or PC Near You!


 “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….!” So what better time to start a Christmas countdown!

But you must be thinking… What is The Ice Co advent?

The Ice Co Christmas countdown is going to be slightly different this year, as day by day we will be revealing our most exclusive tips, tricks and cocktail recipe ideas for you to indulge in during this merry time of year!

ice co advent christmas countdown

The #IceCoAdvent is our very own advent calendar. Behind each door throughout December, another tip or trick will be revealed for you to take under your arm and try this Christmas.

Each day offers something different, and you can be assured that as soon as the clocks strikes 12pm on each day, be ready to get to work with all these great ideas for the best Christmas yet!

With something for you, the kids, the parents and even something for the grandparents, you are sure to be the hostess with the mostess this Christmas!

These tips and tricks will hopefully show you why ice is as much a necessity on your shopping list as turkey this year…so don’t forget it when you rushing around the freezer ailse!

To be involved with our #IcecoAdvent you NEED to be following us on Facebook and Twitter, as this is where all the secrets will be revealed. So just simply head over to our Facebook page and Twitter page and you’re all set to go with #IcecoAdvent!

DON’T forget if you do happen to miss one of the day’s tips or tricks, just type in #IcecoAdvent in the search tab and see each of the days as they’ve been revealed!

Now you wouldn’t want to miss out would you? Especially when there’s a tip to make the turkey extra tasty and an array of cocktail recipes to wash it all down with! (And that’s just to mention a couple!)

We hope you enjoy the hints and find them useful, don’t forget to share your photos and ideas with us using #IceCoAdvent

merry christmas from the ice co

Merry Christmas everyone!



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