Ice breaker drinks for freshers!

Freshers week 2015

Freshers can be a time when your nerves start to kick in and you start asking yourself…. How will I meet people? How will i know what to talk about? What happens if I’m going to be on my own? With hundreds of questions entering into your brain, The Ice Co are here to help!

With just a handful of ingredients you have yourself 3 great ice breaker drinks to share with all your flatmates and friends to be!

These cocktails are perfect for freshers and you don’t even need to buy an expensive cocktail shaker- simply use two plastic cups! Here’s how:

cocktail shaker homemade



Place the ice and all the other ingredients into one of the plastic cups.

Insert the other cup upside down and press firmly. At first shake slowly, until you’re sure none of the liquid will spill out (you don’t want any wastage!)

When you’re happy, shake for 20 seconds until all the liquid is mixed.


That’s it! You have yourself you’re first saving at university!

(You could even use McDonalds coffee cups if you want to be really fancy!)


First off some points to consider before the fresher’s partying begins:

  1. Don’t overdo it! Sometimes it’s fun to be the life & soul of the party… But drinking too much might make you stand out for the wrong reasons.
  2. Make the effort to get to know people, you’re all in a brand new environment and some find it easier than others. And after all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them so better to get to know them!
  3. Make time to sleep and eat breakfast. Sleep and breakfast will help get you through that inevitable fresher’s week flu! You know how it goes…eat, sleep, rave…..


Making drinks can be a great ice breaker in fresher’s week. Get everyone to chip in to buy some ingredients and make in a big jug or punch bowl.

First night on the town! first drink of the night

The combination of 3 essential ingredients and you have yourself something fruity and refreshing!

1 Handful of The Ice Co Party Ice

1 Measures of Vodka

1 Measures of Peach Schnapps

Top up of Fresh Orange Juice

Add all the ingredients into your homemade cocktail shaker. Shake for 20 seconds until it is all mixed together. Pour into a glass and serve.


raining men drink





It’s raining men!

This firecracker of a cocktail is a mixture of all your favourites and you can guarantee that between you all you will have the ingredients!

1 Handful of The Ice Co Party Ice

1 Measure of Cherry Sours

2 Measures of Blue WKD

Top up of Lemonade

Add the ice into a tall glass. Pour in the sours and blue WKD. Stir and top up with the lemonade.


Pineapple pleaser!morning-star

This non-alcoholic cocktail is for when you’re on fresher’s day no 5 and you’re ready for a night in front of the tele. Well if you’re desperate not to miss out, then try this fruity cocktail and join in on the fun sober. (You might surprise yourself with how great and entertaining it can be and the honey will help shift the freshers flu!).

1 Handful of The Ice Co Party Ice

1 Teaspoon of Sugar

1 Teaspoon of Honey

3 Measures of Pineapple Juice

Top up of Water

Add all the ingredients into your homemade cocktail shaker. Shake for 20 seconds until it is all mixed together. Pour into a glass and serve.


With all the ingredients used for these cocktails you can use for different drinks. Therefore you’re not going to be over spending on to much alcohol.



You don’t want to be remembered for being the drunken fresher throughout your time at university! SO please drink responsibly! Avoid the freshers flu at all costs!




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