Ice & Easy takes on Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival!



Ice & Easy Frozen Alcoholic Slushies once again showed their true summer potential last weekend by being a part in showing the people of Yorkshire what their county’s food and drink services can do for their taste buds.


If you were in Leeds City Centre the weekend of 2nd-4th June, then we’re sure the smell of countless different street foods would have caught your senses and carried you to the Yorkshire Food and Drink Festival in Millennium Square.


There were as many options for food as there were beverages to wash it down with. There were Pimms jugs, freshly squeezed juices, coffees, lemonade, champagne bars, fine local beer & ale and the list goes on! If you came for the fantastic eats, then you would have stayed for the cocktails in the sun. Our range of frozen cocktails kept events goers chilled, cool and curious of our 6 different summer flavours.


The Chef’s station provided fun, insightful and some just crazy entertainment to the seating area of the festival. Which made customers go from ‘passing through’ to spending the day there! The likes of the 2 chilli challenges, by The Chilli Shop Leeds for the public on Saturday and Sunday, were gripping too all. The contestants were very happy to see our team afterwards, frozen cocktails ready to sooth their fiery mouths.



Our adjacent stalls included Zouk Turkish Kebabs, Aagrah and Revs De Cuba, and we couldn’t have asked for better neighbours! If it wasn’t their spicy, well-seasoned treats that were sending customers our way for a refreshment, it was them sending the delicious treats to our lucky team! The difference in food and culture provided much choice and a level of service as high quality as the food itself. The friendly chats, the recommendations, the ‘try before you buy’ service all gave our area of the festival an approachable & therefore popular feel which resulted in loyal, reliable customers.

Hot weather and even hotter food = FROZEN COCKTAIL TIME!

It was clearly meant to be…




The lucky people of Yorkshire who decided to come down and see us to sample our products, were the first customer’s to try our 2 new premium cocktail flavours, Rosé (infused with berry & lemon) and Fizz (infused with cucumber and elderflower)! These fresh, elegant flavours seemed to be loved by all and we couldn’t serve them up quick enough to the fans wanting the refreshment their heart desired.

If these fancy flavours sound like your cup of… well cocktail, then come see us at our next event and try for yourselves!

We can’t wait to see you!




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