Ice is nice with Funkin Cocktails!


Here at The Ice Co, we have teamed up with Funkin Cocktails to let you guys know all about the importance of ice when shaking up your favourite cocktails. Maybe you already champion the importance of ice in cocktails. Maybe you don’t. Whichever way you vote, there’s a solid tip or two for everyone in this sparkling little blog,


Why use ice?
Cocktails all depend on ice to taste, feel and look the way they’re meant to. The ice not only chills the liquid to a fresh, cool drinking temperature, but in some cocktails it dilutes the cocktail slightly too. This is deliberate and necessary for you to enjoy the correct taste.

To achieve this, pack lots of ice in and shake for at least 10-15 seconds. What is the correct taste? Well, it’s all about mouthfeel! The colder and more diluted the drink, the thinner and lighter the mouthfeel – think Elderflower Collins or Woo Woo. The less ice/dilution, the heavier and more rounded mouthfeel your cocktail will have – think a Sour or a Bramble – delicious being that little bit thicker on the tongue.

*Handy Tip

To ensure a perfect serve, fill your chosen glass or vessels with ice whilst you prepare the drinks. Some cocktails are served over ice, for example the Mojito, however if not, such as in a Martini, simply empty the ice from the glass and then serve the cocktail. This way, your glass will be nice and chilled, complementing the drink and making for a more enjoyable experience.

I never know how much ice to use, is it really that important?

The answer is quite simple, if you do not use ice in the process of cocktail making, you will essentially be drinking warm liquid. Just think, would you rather a cold refreshing Mojito, or a warm unsatisfying one? (We know what we would rather…)

Lots of people are unsure on the correct amount of ice to add into their cocktail shaker. Well, if you are one of these people and enjoy making cocktails at home, Funkin has a solution – just launched are their new range of cocktail mixers which will have you looking and making cocktails like a pro in no time. Available in a unique, disposable cocktail shaker all you must do is add your chosen spirit to the recommended fill line and top up with as much ice as possible directly into the shaker. Shake for 10 – 15 seconds and strain out into chilled cocktail glasses. By adding the ice directly into the shaker until full, you can be confident that you are using enough ice to create the perfect serve.

The tip of the iceberg
Ice keeps ice from melting and diluting your drink down into a weak, flavourless liquid. Ice keeps ice solid! If you imagine throwing a few ice cubes into a swimming pool, they’ll melt very quickly, right? But if you put in a massive iceberg or tonnes of ice, the temperature will go down so much that the ice will actually stay solid for far longer. Basically, those people who ask for just a little ice in their drink in the hope that it will be stronger are sadly mistaken. Rather than diluting your drink ‘too much’, lots of ice actually ensures the correct temperature is maintained.

All shapes and sizes
There are many different types of ice, but the most common are cubed and crushed.

Cubed ice – the classic shape and the most useful. It’s perfect for dropping in your cocktail shaker to add dilution, and a good size for piling into a glass to ensure cocktails stay chilled and have that fantastic ‘chink chink’ sound when you sip! 😉. Party Ice is our ‘go to’ product for this.

Crushed ice – smaller shards of ice, heavenly in mojitos and other long cocktails that are designed to be ultra-refreshing. Crushed ice adds a little sparkle to your drink as the light also reflects off the small pieces…perfect for that extra touch.

Block ice – square, spherical or any other shape – is popular for shorter cocktails, premium drinks and looks very chic too. The benefit of using a large ice cube, such as The Ice Co’s Super Cubes, is to ensure that they melt very slowly in your drink, giving less dilution in drinks that require this, and keep the liquid at a perfectly cool temperature. These are great for classics such a G&T’s and look very cool in the glass.


There are many ways to make a drink look and taste sensational. All thanks to ice!

Just remember our top tips:

  1. Always use ice when preparing cocktails
  2. Ice keeps ice nice, so the more ice the better
  3. Remember that different types of ice are used for different drinks, so make sure you check which one is best before preparing
  4. Chill your glasses with ice whilst preparing your drinks to maximise the taste

Look out for the special Funkin branded Party ice bags from The Ice Co. in Tesco nationwide and please share your beautiful iced cocktail pictures on Facebook @funkincocktails and @theiceco. Cheers!

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