The Ice Co have teamed up with Nutribullet UK for a summer blast!


The Ice Co have teamed up with Nutribullet UK to come up with a delicious, refreshing nutriblast for your summer garden parties!


Garden Party Nutriblast Title


To make the Garden Party Nutriblast, simply add all the ingredients, including the ice to a nutribullet and blast. Then simply serve over ice and garnish with a sprig of mint!


Garden Party Nutriblast Ingredients


Make as a single serving to enjoy at any time of day, or multiply the ingredients up and serve in a pitcher at BBQs and parties over the summer. It is a non alcoholic, refreshing long drink served in a tall glass over lots of ice, however…we wont judge if you add a splash of Gin 😉


For more Nutribullet recipes visit the Nutribullet UK  Facebook and Twitter pages, or The Ice Co Facebook and Twitter pages. Or if cocktails are more your thing, you could even download The Ice Co Cocktail Bar App where you will find hundreds of delicious, easy to follow cocktail recipes. You’ll be a mixologist in no time!

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