The Ice Co meets Ice Bar Leeds at XSCAPE!



The Ice Co has been spotted at Xscape in Castleford!Xscape


A visit to Xscape ended up in a photo shoot for the Ice Bar Leeds and their Sno Tubz mobile unit when a very excited Ice Co colleague discovered it was our very own Ice Co Ice Cubes that they were using to create these delicious, refreshing snow like treats.


Sno tubz 2



The mobile unit uses our ice cubes and puts them into a machine that shaves them down to a snow like texture.


Pouring the ice into the machine






 Then comes the hard decision….What flavour to have?! There is a variety of flavoured syrups to choose from to add to your ‘snow’ and due to the snowy consistency the flavours are held allowing you to enjoy the icy treat all the way to the very bottom!


Our favourite flavour is a berry explosion of Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Cherry but other flavours include Green Tangy Apple, Cotton Candy, Iron Brew & Classic Cola.



There are also themes of drinks such as Blue Lagoon, Pink Princess, Volcano and Rainbow – but you can create your own Sno Tub.


Gayles relative eating sno tub

Gayles relative eating sno tub 2.png









Linda from the Ice Bar says ‘We are a small family run business based in Leeds that began trading at events up and down the country in 2010. Later that year we had the opportunity to expand our business and we purchased the Sno-Pod which is based in Xscape Castleford.


We use the ‘Ice Co’ Ice for its’ reliable quality.  Being pre packed makes the daily running of our business easier and we know that we can constantly provide the best quality product for our customers.’


The Ice Bar Leeds is available for parties, corporate events, festivals, weddings, school fairs….the list goes on. It is a tasty treat that is enjoyed not just by children…but adults love them too! Why not enquire with them through their website and it could be the next big thing at your next event!






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