The Ice Co-Sponsor Ed Procter in his upcoming Charity boxing match raising money for CRUK!


The Ice Co are delighted to be sponsoring close friend Ed Procter, who has taken on an exciting but nervy challenge…a charity boxing match! Ed, also known as ‘Iceman’, will be stepping into the ring on Saturday 18th June to take on his opponent ‘The Bone Cruiser’! Preparations and training have been underway and we wanted to take the opportunity to interview Ed and find out all the details about how he’s feeling for the match this Saturday!


Firstly tell us more about event….

The event is run by UWCB (Ultra White Collar Boxing) in aid of Cancer Research, there are 27 other fights on the night in front of a 600+ crowd in Leeds’ Famous Royal Armouries.

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What made you decide to take on this event?

I have always fancied having a go at boxing and thought why not jump in at the deep end! I also get to raise money for Cancer Research.

Has boxing been something that you’ve been interested in for a long time?

Yes, I have always been into boxing as a sports fan but rarely participated in it. This has definitely changed now though and I will carry on with the boxing training, as it is such a great way to keep fit.

How have you prepared for the event, both physically and mentally?

Mentally I have been very reserved about it, keeping the boxing side of the event to myself and haven’t really spoken to anyone about it. Physically I have been training in the boxing gym 3-4 times a week, as well as two further cardio sessions a week and 3-4 gym sessions a week. Signing up to the event has improved my fitness dramatically.

What has been the best and worst bits about training and preparation so far?

The worst bit was chipping my front tooth and having to go to the dentist! The best bits have been learning a new sport, while getting a lot fitter and leaner ready for the rugby season!

You’re Team Iceman, who’s you opponent and summarise them in 3 words?

I am fighting Chris ‘The Bone Crusher’ Lorde. He is Big, Hard and Determined

How would your friends summarise The Iceman?

Big, Entertaining and Relaxed

What boxer do you compare yourself to?

Tyson Fury, as he is relaxed and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He also happens to be Heavyweight Champion too!

Ed procter

When you’re not training for the event, what do you do in your spare time?

Revision for my exams!  I have tried to relax on the weekends, going for dog walks in the Dales and the East Coast. I have also been off the booze for the last month to get as fit as I can.

With less than a week to go, how do you feel about the event this Saturday?

Getting nervous now but also extremely excited and ready to get in the ring and show people what I can do.

Win or lose, how do you plan to celebrate after the event?

I will be partying in Leeds having a few beers with a few of my mates until the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Ice Co will most definitely be cheering on Ed this Saturday and we wish him the best of luck!

If you would like to attend one of the charity boxing match’s going on this weekend, purchase your tickets from UWCB’s website here:

Charity boxing


The event has already raised a fantastic amount of money for Cancer Research UK, but there is still time to make even more of a difference! If you would like to make a donation go to UWCB’s Just Giving page here:

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