The Ice Co’s 5 Favourite Gin & Tonic’s with Portobello Road Gin and Fever Tree Tonic Water


Everyone has an opinion on how to make the best Gin & Tonic… so we here at The Ice Co thought we’d chime in with our thoughts on the matter & have teamed up with our friends Portobello Road Gin and Fever Tree Tonic Water to create our five favourite G&Ts.




Despite it’s seeming simplicity, the growing fascination with G&Ts reveals that there are actually countless numbers of unique ways to enjoy a delicious gin and tonic and the changing factors range from the glassware to the garnish.

Naturally, at The Ice Co we are passionate about ice and as any gin connoisseur will know, good quality ice is of upmost importance, nobody wants a warm cocktail! Not only this, but ensuring that the gin & tonics are refreshingly cold helps keep the drink aromatic and effervescent for longer.


Super Cubes


This is why we recommend using Super Cubes in your next gin & tonic. The Ice Co developed Super Cubes with this exact drink in mind (or more specifically the ‘GinTonic’ in Spain, in which they use large ice cubes as a rule).

The super-sized ice cubes cool your drink quickly, yet melt ever so slowly therefore not diluting your beloved G&T, allowing you to enjoy it’s full flavour.

As an added bonus, they look fantastic, especially when served the Spanish way, in a What is a Copa de balon! The balloon shape glass allows the ice to stay cold & enhances the botanicals & flavour of each individual gin as well as amplifying the aromas of the garnish.



We have chosen to serve all our G&Ts in a Copa glass for an extra cool G&T, but you could also try keeping your gin in the freezer and the tonic water in an ice bucket prior to mixing.


The Ultimate Summer Copa:

The watermelon and cucumber garnishes for this one are selected for their cooling properties. Being one of the most refreshing G&Ts, it is a must on a hot summer’s day. Eat the watermelon cubes when you have finished – the flavour they have soaked up is mouth-watering!


How To Create - Ultimate Summer Copa


Signature G&T

This very Spanish style of serving a G&T gives subtle hints of grapefruit which really complements the flavours. It is the oils from the grapefruit skin that does this, rather than using the flesh.


How To Create - Signature G&T


Greetings from the Med

Inspired by the Mediterranean shores, this G&T has citrus hints complemented by herbaceous flavours of lemon thyme and rosemary. You will be straight back in holiday mind-set when you take a sip.


How To Create - Med G&T


Pink G&T

This G&T is blended with angostura bark to enhance the flavour of the gin with a little lemon zest for a subtle bitter twist. We love the effect of the mix of subtle pink colour, aromatic tonic and hint of lemon on your senses.


HOw To Create - Pink G&T


Maria Maria

A garden favourite! The floral elements of this G&T, together with the sweetness of the elderflower, make us think that nothing is better than sitting in the garden with friends enjoying this one.


How To Create - Maria Maria


Like the sound of these? You can find The Ice Co Super Cubes in Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado and Where to buy Fever Tree and Buy Portobello Road Gin Online can be found in most supermarkets.  

We are also giving you the chance to WIN the Ultimate G&T package. See our competition blog for more details. Competition closes Thursday 25th August. You could WIN all of this:


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