The Next Big Thing In The Drinks Market – New Super Cubes!


The Ice Co have scoured the globe and found supersize ice cubes to be the next ‘big’ thing in the drinks market.

Super Cube





Super Cube in a Whiskey



After discovering giant ice cubes used in the home of Gin & Tonic or ‘Gintonic’, Spain, The Ice Co got back to home ground and set about investigating, only to find these cubes also fit in with bar trends in the UK, where a single giant cube is carved from a block of ice to give a fantastic aesthetic appeal to a cocktail…Super!





As innovators, The Ice Co already knows that only having a single option of ice to put in a drink is simply not an option and therefore have a range of ice products to compliment any drink including flake ice, crushed ice and spring water ice.



Ice to Cocktails!




But now, there is the opportunity for a new product, and brand new to the retail market we have launched:


Super Cubes Bag



So, What are Super Cubes?


The Ice Co Super Cubes are bigger than any ice cubes you have seen before on the retail market.


3 rules of Super Cube




Comparison Super Cubes v Regular1


Three times bigger than regular cubes they reduce the temperature of your drink much more quickly, but they are also less diluting as they melt up to five times more slowly!

You only need to place one cube into your drink for the full effect and…..they look seriously cool!





Impress friends and bring the fun of the bar experience into your home, by popping a single cube into your favourite tipple whether that’s in a Gin & Tonic, a Whiskey on the Rock(!) or in your favourite cocktail you can sit back and savour the full, cool flavour you were hoping for!



Bar Experience in your own home




Super Cubes Bag



Super Cubes are currently available in selected Tesco stores, however this is always changing so please email for more details, message us via our Facebook page here or view this map for Tesco Super Cube Stockists near you. Alternatively you can buy them online here.


And most importantly enjoy!


The Super Cube

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