Snow Cone Zone


The Ice Co˚ Flaked Ice

Your favourite drink flavour

Concentrated juice i.e. Orange/Blackcurrant Squash works well

Flavoured syrup

A few drops of food colouring for fun

Orange - Orange Squash
Purple - Blackcurrant Squash
Yellow - Lemon Squash (with yellow food colouring)


Fill a cup almost full with The Ice Co˚ Flaked Ice, pour over your favourite flavour and give it a good mix up with a spoon.

If you haven't got flaked ice, don't worry. Just use a handful of Ice Co° ice cubes, drop them into a blender (ask mum to help) along with the juice and food colouring. You will need to add a little water to help with blending. Give it a short sharp blast, for chunky chopped ice, tip into a cup and enjoy. Go wild and pour over a swirl of syrup or your favourite ice cream topping.