Supercool Slushies


The Ice Co° Crushed Ice or a glass and a half of The Ice Co° Cubes Your favourite drink flavour.

Fruit juices and squashes are great.

Your favourite fruit only if you want to

A splosh of food colouring - just for fun


Drop the ice cubes or a cup full of crushed ice into a blender. Ask an adult for help here. You can also chuck in whole or chopped fruit, fresh or frozen.

Pour fruit juice into the blender. Try orange, peach, pear or berry juice for a truly tropical fruit flavour.

Add just enough juice to cover the ice and the fruit, but leave about 1 inch from the top.

Blend the drink until the ice is chopped into slush. Be careful not to blitz it to bits! Add more juice if the drink looks too thick or the blender gets stuck. Add more ice or fruit if the slushy is too runny.