Why? Because Bigger is Better!

Brand new to the UK market. The Ice Co have scoured the globe and have found giant ice cubes to be the next ‘big’ thing for discerning drinkers.

Three times larger than regular cubes, these beautiful chunks of ice chill your drink quicker yet melt sooo slowly, therefore diluting your drink less….not only this, but they look good!

Popping a single super cube in your drink brings the fun of the bar experience into your own home, whether in a Gin & Tonic, a Whiskey on a Rock(!) or in your favourite cocktail you can sit back, chill out and enjoy that cool, full flavour you were hoping for.

And that’s why we love:

Slower Melting

Faster Cooling

Less Diluting

Huge Chunks of Ice…Because Bigger is Better!

Super Cubes are available in a number of stores, please email info@theiceco.co.uk or send us a message via our Facebook page for more information. Alternatively, Super Cubes can be purchased via Tesco online here