It’s simple...

  • Here at The Ice Co° we purify and filter our water, and our production is micro-biologically tested. (In other words it's lovely and pure)
  • The clever, super modern machines that make our ice are fully automated so our ice is never touched by hand and comes out perfect.
  • A bag or bucket of ice in your freezer means you always have ice in an instant, whenever you need it.
  • Our ice comes in party friendly size 2kg bags.
  • Our ice stays frozen for around 8 hours out of the freezer giving you bags of time to get it home from the shops.
  • We make ice in cubes, crush and flakes.
  • You can pick up a bag at your local supermarket, you've guessed it... in the freezer aisle, also available in most off licences - just ask!
  • No little blue bits of ice cube bag in your drink ever again.
  • No more banging those ancient, ice cube trays on the kitchen work top and no risk of cross contamination or smell.