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The Life of Expert Mixologist JJ Goodman

The Ice Co have teamed up with expert Mixologist and creator of The London Cocktail Club, JJ Goodman, to find out how he became a master of his work and to use his skills to craft 4 cocktails with our range of ice products. We asked James about his love for cocktails and to explain from his perspective, the importance of ice in cocktail making. Enjoy!

How long have you been shaking cocktails?

I made my first cocktail when I was 17 years old, I absolutely loved it — was so proud. I started off as a glass-washer and worked my way up. I kept a cocktail book behind the bar; I still have it somewhere!

What’s your favourite thing about being a Mixologist?

Working with different liquor brands and bars is fun and never boring. This incredible and exciting industry seems to attract the most cool, fun, interesting and hardworking people that are always a pleasure to be around!

Can you remember the first cocktail you ever made?

Yes — a Grasshopper!

What is the most memorable cocktail request you have had?

I’ve had a ton of insane requests, it’d be impossible to pick out just one. We’re all about unusual flavours and combinations in general at London Cocktail Club — one of the most memorable cocktails I’ve created is the Bacon & Egg Martini, the culinary cocktail trend was still quite new when it was first introduced but this drink went down a storm and it’s been one of our best sellers for years. We’re currently working on “flying cocktails” with Red Bull. Watch this space — I thinks it’s going to be fun!

Now, we are obviously extremely passionate about ice and what it adds to drinks, but how important is the use of ice to you, as a mixologist, in cocktails and in cocktail making?

Incredibly important; it’s essential to work with pure clean ice that shakes well. It’s a shame to put all that work in to mixing a beautiful cocktail, only to ruin it with bad ice!

Tell us more about London Cocktail Club…

London cocktail club is a group of seven bars in key London boroughs. Each London Cocktail Club is a fun and unpretentious cocktail bar where the bartenders are at the top of their game and funny as hell. Drinks are unusual and delicious, the bars are low-lit, loud and play all your favourite songs!

Sounds perfect! Next, we asked JJ to prepare a range of cocktails tailored around each of our ice products, whether it be Crushed Ice, Party Ice or our extra-large sophisticated Super Cubes. We’ve tried them all and trust us….they’re good!

Jam Jar Daiquiri

A Cuban style country fair! This in-house classic comes with Bacardi Carta Blanca Rum, a dollop of strawberry jam, wild strawberry liqueur and a hint of citrus. Refreshing, long and sweet — an ideal cocktail for an abundance of crushed ice to ensure the drink is chilled down to every last sip.


35ml Bacardi Carta Blanca

25ml Strawberry Jam

15ml Briottete Fraise

15ml Lime juice

Glass: Jam Jar  Ice: Crushed Ice Garnish: Mint sprig, strawberry Haribo sweet and icing sugar.

Method: Build and churn. Cap with crushed ice.

Bathtub Lagoon Created by JJ Goodman for London Cocktail Club

Baths are much better when you have someone to blow bubbles with, this twist on a blue lagoon is something you will want to jump into. A cocktail balanced by a generous scoop of reliable cubed Party Ice to make those waves


1oz Grey Goose vodka

1oz Grey Goose Citron vodka

1oz Briottet Blue Curaçao

75oz Lemon juice

6.75oz Double Dutch Watermelon & Cucumber soda

25oz Pernod Absinthe

75oz Simple syrup

1 Egg white

Vessel: Miniature bathtub  Ice: Party Ice  Garnish: Rubber duckies & long straws

Method: Build in the bathtub.

The Dude

You too can be as cool as The Dude..! Try this moreish twist on his favourite drink; vodka, Tia Maria, almond essence, cream and a D.I.Y marshmallow! For such a legend of a drink, only Super Cubes will do!


30ml Finlandia Vodka

30ml Tia Maria 

50ml Almond half and half

Glass: Crystal cut rocks  Ice: Super Cubes  Garnish: Giant marshmallow on a flat skewer

Method: Build. Float half and half on top

Craft Cocktail Co.’s Sunset Spritz

No sunset is complete without one!

Vodka with Italian bitters and herbal aperitif blended with freshly pressed blood orange juice, grapefruit, honey and lemon. Garnished with an orange twist. A delicious signature drink; Craft Cocktail Co. uses only all-natural ingredients and a delicate production method to ensure freshness of flavour in every bottle; it’s perfectly suited to enjoy over The Ice Co’s Premium Ice — the official hashtag is #DrinkCleanLiveDirty after all!

We want to say thanks to James on behalf of The Ice Co, for taking time to tell us all about his journey in becoming an expert in Mixology and for featuring on our blog. If you give the cocktails a try, make sure to let us know by sharing your feedback with us on The Ice Co’s Facebook.

If you happen to be in London and fancy a drink, head to one of The London Cocktail Club’s venues. Their bars are in various locations around the city, find the full list here:

You can keep up to date with The London Cocktail club on social media, find all the links below…

Twitter: @LDNCocktailClub

Facebook: londoncocktailclub123LCC

Instagram: londoncocktailclub