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Please Note: This is only to be used as a guide – weather and occasion type may alter the amount of ice required. If you are unsure please contact us. Larger volume packs are available for large scale events, our 1kg and 2kg packs can be found in retailers, off licences, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.

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The Ice Co teams up with the Gin Rocks Festival

A Gin Festival? With food and music? In the Yorkshire countryside? At a castle?!

We had never heard anything so beautifully British and we just had to get involved!

The Harrogate Gin Rocks Festival held at the stunning Ripley Castle boasted some amazing gin brands including Harrogate Tipple, Leeds Gin, Poetic License, Portobello Road Gin, Sloemotion’s Hedgerow Gin and Whittaker’s Gin. Perfect for the many G&T connoisseurs that had made an appearance.

Super Cubes were a hit

With plenty of locally sourced gins partnered with the renowned tonic brand Fever tree, it gave these brands the chance to show their worth and to contribute to the overall enjoyment of the festival with exciting gin based drinks.

Any British outdoor festival that stays dry should be seen as huge win, and Gin Rocks was no exception with a triumphantly dry evening to the delight to everyone involved!

Now, what is a G&T with the finest gin, perfect tonic and not the right ice? In our eyes, not a proper G&T at all! That’s where The Ice Co stepped in! We supplied our extra large Super Cubes to the event to help create the perfect serve for guest’s delicious Gin & Tonics. They were used for sampling, serving, showcasing and seem to be loved by all; especially so with a festival of 2500+ gin lovers that will want only the best for their G&Ts!

The Super Cubes were a hit, as was the huge ice sculpture that we made for the occasion. We believe the finest drinks deserve the finest ice, just as the finest parties deserve the finest ice sculptures!