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Ice & Easy at The Grocer Drink Awards 2017

Our team behind Ice & Easy set off down to London with our fingers crossed and our hopes high. We were honoured that all 3 of our entries were selected as finalists at The Grocer Drink Awards. Our Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito and Rosé were the cocktail flavours chosen.

After battling with typical English travel issues, we made it to the capital with just enough time to challenge our team skills before the awards with a highly recommend escape room attraction, HintHunt.

The venue was an event space in County Hall, Westminster with a stunning view of the Houses of Parliament and the Thames. Attending was some of most the important people behind the success of Britain’s best selling alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Such renowned brands include Jack Daniels, Captain Morgan, Portobello Road Gin, Haig Club and many more! It was a prime networking opportunity to mingle with these brand representatives prior to the awards ceremony. We were watching the door for David Beckham to come join the party for Haig Club, but he obviously must have gotten lost because we had no such joy.

Ice & Easy down to London to battle it out against some legendary brands

Overall, a wonderful trip and we are hugely grateful for the opportunity to take Ice & Easy down to London to battle it out against some legendary brands! A big thanks to Grocer, we have been honoured enough to be a part of these awards for 4 years and lucky enough to be presented a few in that time, we only hope we get the chance next year too!