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The Ice Co’s Drink of the Month with Whitley Neill

Is your gin collection missing a gin that offers a citrus burst of flavour, with a taste of the Mediterranean sun? Well Whitley Neill’s brand-new Blood Orange Gin is the missing piece to your puzzle. For our Mother’s Day special Drink of the Month we couldn’t have picked a better match for our Super Cubes…. this delicious ultra-zesty gin cocktail is the perfect gift for that special someone this Mother’s Day.


  • 3-4 Super Cubes
  • 1 & 1/2 measures of Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin
  • Top up of Mediterranean tonic
  • Garnish blood orange wheel


  • Add Super Cubes to a Copa glass. Pour in the gin and top up with tonic. Garnish, stir and serve!

Whitley Neill have been handcrafting great gins for as long as we can remember. We grabbed the chance to sit down and get to know the history of this wonderful brand…. read our Q&A with the team below and see for yourself why Whitley Neill are taking the gin world by storm with their range of flavoured gins….

In short…tell us what the story is behind Whitley Neill?

Whitley Neill was created by Johnny Neill, a direct descendant in a long line of distillers, whose heritage stretches back to 1762 – as far as some of the Baobab trees found in Africa today, baobab being the main botanical in the original Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin.

Inspired by his family’s sense of adventure, Johnny strove to create his own signature blend of gin, a tribute to his English distilling heritage and homage to the enigmatic beauty of his wife’s South African homeland. A balanced, distinctive gin, which blends classic botanicals with exotic African ingredients, Whitley Neill Handcrafted Dry Gin is the first in this premium range of adventurous flavoured spirits.

What was the inspiration behind your ‘Blood Orange Gin’?

Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin is inspired by the iconic flavours of Sicily. Evoking scents of the Mediterranean, Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin boasts a refreshing, intense orange aroma, followed by a hint of liquorice and lastly coriander. This latest gin in the Whitley Neill range has a smooth finish that effortlessly balances citrus with spice.

With a range of great tasting gins, what 3 things do you stand by?

Being a Handcrafted English Gin Inspired By Flavours of the World

Whitley Neill is produced in a traditional distillery in the oldest copper pot in the UK, called Constance, yet the range is bursting with exotic flavours: the original Whitley Neill Gin is inspired by Cape Town, with its botanicals baobab and cape gooseberry; Whitley Neill Quince Gin is inspired by Persia with its real quince juice; inspired by rural England is Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin; inspired by Sicily is Whitley Neill Blood Orange Gin and inspired by Scotland is Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin.

Family Distillers of Distinction 

The founder of Whitley Neill, Johnny Neill, is eighth generation in a family of distinguished distillers. Johnny’s first recollection of gin goes back to seeing the array of green bottles under his grandparents’ stairs. Johnny has upheld his family’s tradition by creating some of the world’s most innovative and award-winning gins.

Leaders in Innovation

Whitley Neill Original was created 12 years ago, leading the gin boom with the use of innovative botanicals and inspiration from South Africa. Today, we continue this tradition with Johnny, by driving forward the Whitley Neill range with distinctive flavours, which are clear leaders in the flavoured gin phenomenon.

Why do you think gin has revolutionised in recent years?

Gin has always been a go-to drink due to its versatility. Gin’s ability to morph from a martini base to a cocktail ingredient to a staple G&T is unrivalled. Consumer drinking habits have changed too. We’re drinking less but opting for higher quality options – and so craft gin has continued to boom. Flavoured gin, in particular, has become a fast-growing category as people seek to discover new flavours with stories behind them.

How does ice complement the ultimate G&T serve?

The hard and fast rule with a G&T is to serve it chilled. Your glass, preferably highball or copa, must be filled with purified, filtered water ice cubes, to keep your drink at the optimum chilled temperature while not affecting the taste of the G&T. A premium tonic is key too, Whitley Neill original gin is best served with Lamb & Watt Original tonic water and an orange wheel.

The hard and fast rule with a G&T is to serve it chilled

Special thanks to Whitley Neill for featuring as our Mother’s Day special Drink of the Month.

Whitley Neill have a range of gins available at Morrison’s. Pick up yours today and pair with Super Cubes!