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The Ice Co’s Drink of the Month with Wheyhey Ice Cream

Each month we bring you a new drink recipe working with some of our favourite brands in the business! This month is of course no different, with Easter being a time to indulge in sweet treats, we wanted to bring you an alternative that doesn’t have you counting the calories!

Summer body on your mind? We teamed up with Wheyhey Ice Cream to bring you a super duper easy to make freak shake with a little help of our Crushed Ice to add volume, without adding the calories! P.s take it from us it tastes delicious…


Wheyhey have a cool story to tell, so what better way to find out all the inside details than in the form of a Q&A! Enjoy….

Tell us more about Wheyhey, what’s the story….

Wheyhey! was founded in 2013 by Damien in a flat in Brixton…

After becoming increasingly frustrated by friends and family digging into so called ‘healthy snacks’ that were secretly extremely high in sugar, Damien decided to put his science degree into good use. He bought an ice cream maker off eBay and set about trying to make the healthiest and tastiest treat he could… A product that was nutritionally fantastic without compromising on taste.

Out of this mission, Wheyhey! was born.

From humble beginnings where many evenings were spent hand stickering ice cream pots and many days were spent selling ice cream door to door, Wheyhey! has grown dramatically into the pioneering brand that it is today, taking on the FMCG giants on a mission to revolutionise the face of snacking. 4 years on we are a team of 9, growing at 300% year on year with listings in major retailers including Tesco’s and Sainsburys. We’ve also gained a bit of a reputation for ourselves along the way including being named ‘Virgin Pioneers’ in 2013, winning ‘Start-Up of the Year’ in 2016, being named as a ‘Trail Blazer Brand’ by Food Vision and The Unilever Foundry and securing a place on the highly competitive Silicon Valley-based ‘Thrive’ accelerator programme backed by Forbes.

Not bad for a guy in a flat with an ice cream maker off eBay.

What are 3 things that you stand by?

Awesome nutritionals. Our mission at Wheyhey has always been to revolutionise the way that people snack. We want to make healthy, guilt free snacking a reality. That’s why our ice cream is sugar free and high in protein… so it’s not just better for you, it’s a snack that’s actually good for you.

No compromise on taste.At Wheyhey, we don’t believe in compromise. We believe in living life to the full and living life well…outrageously well. That’s why we’ve created products that taste amazing as well as being good for you.

Health for all. Healthy eating shouldn’t be exclusive. Whether you’re a busy mum, a commuter, a 6am gym-goer or a sweet-toothed craver… we want to help you make the most of everyday. Be good to yourself because a healthy body lets you do amazing things.

Why does Wheyhey ice cream taste so good?

Because we don’t accept compromise. Why should you have to eat something that tastes inferior just because you want to eat healthily? Our innovative recipe uses real cream to lock in our ice cream’s incredible creaminess, (something that is often missing from other ‘healthy’ ice creams). We also use the best quality ingredients meaning that our products are entirely natural, and our milk comes from happy, grass-fed cows cared for by farmers we trust.

WheyHey ice cream and crushed ice…a likely combination?!

Whatever makes the dream work! The fundamentals of a tasty freak shake…

If you could take Wheyhey anywhere in the world where would it be?

Well we’ve already sent a pot of Wheyhey into space, so I guess it’s a question of where next… Mars maybe!

Well we’ve already sent a pot of Wheyhey into space, so I guess it’s a question of where next... Mars maybe!

Special thanks to Wheyhey for partnering up with us for our Easter Special Drink of the Month!

Wheyhey Chocolate Ice Cream is available to buy from Tesco stores. Plus pick up a bag of our Crushed Ice in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.