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Top 5 Gins of the Month for World Gin Day 2018

If there is one day The Ice Co get really excited about it’s this…World Gin Day, falling on 9th June this year! Named Britain’s favourite spirit and with it’s very own day of the year, how could we not be involved with the celebrations?

With over 315 distilleries in the UK producing a vast range of excellent craft gins, we have hand-picked 5 of our favourites, including a suggested serve for each to enjoy this World Gin Day. 

Each gin offers something a little bit different, and we recommend serving them in a Copa (balloon) glass (unless stated otherwise) with Super Cubes to perfect the serve. 

So….here goes!

Pink Pepper Gin Cocktail

Pink Pepper…a gin with bright and spicy notes of pink peppercorns and juniper, balanced with the warmth of honey, tonka and vanilla. A cocktail to complement all the unique combined flavours of the gin…


x 3 or 4 Super Cubes

x 2 measures of Pink Pepper Gin

x 1/2 measure of vanilla liqueur 

Dash of orange bitters

Top up: Fever Tree Indian Tonic Water

Method: Add Super Cubes to a balloon glass. Pour the gin, vanilla liqueur and orange bitters into the glass. Top with tonic water and garnish with peppercorns.

St Clements Cocktail by Burleighs Gin

Burleighs Signature Gin…made with 11 carefully selected botanicals including silver birch, dandelion, burdock and elderberries. Try this easy to create delicious cocktail suggested by Burleighs themselves. 


x 3 or 4 Super Cubes

x 2 measures of Burleighs Signature Gin

x 2 measures of orange juice

Top up: Fever Tree Lemon Tonic

Garnish: Lemon wheel

Method: Add Super Cubes to a balloon glass. Pour in the gin, orange juice and then top up with lemon tonic. Stir well before garnishing with a lemon wheel.

Brockmans Signature G&T

Brockmans Gin…pair with grapefruit and blueberries to create their signature G&T serve, for a distinctive delicious G&T refreshment.


x 3 or 4 Super Cubes

x 2 measures of Brockmans Gin

Top up: Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic

Garnish: Blueberries & grapefruit slice

Method: Add Super Cubes to a balloon glass. Pour in the gin and top up with light tonic. Sprinkle a handle of blueberries into the drink and garnish with a grapefruit slice. 

Masons Tea Gin Cocktail

Masons Yorkshire Tea Edition Gin…you will ask yourself, is it really made with Yorkshire TeaYES! Give it a try. Pair with our finest Super Cubes, aromatic tonic, cardamom and orange…sure to add an interesting twist to your afternoon tea!


x 3 or 4 Super Cubes

x 2 measures of Masons Yorkshire Tea Edition Gin

Top up: Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic

Garnish: Cardamom pod & orange peel

Method: Add Super Cubes to a balloon glass.  Pour in the gin and top up with aromatic tonic. Pop in a cardamom pod, orange peel and serve.

Tinker Pink Gin Cocktail

Tinker Pink Gin…last but by no means least, our newly discovered perfect pink gin that we just had to include! This refreshing, fruity gin cocktail is a must-try, suitable to serve to friends all summer long…


x 3 or 4 Super Cubes

x 2 measures of Tinker Pink Gin

x 1 measure of raspberry liqueur 

Top up: Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

Garnish: Strawberries & mint

Method: Add Super Cubes to a tumbler. Pour in the gin, raspberry liqueur and top up with Mediterranean tonic. Stir well before garnishing with strawberries and mint.

A range of beautifully created gin cocktails to try this World Gin Day. Share your G&T moments with us using the #supercubes. You can pick up a bag of our Super Cubes in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Ocado online and in store.