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Football Drinking Personalities, Russia World Cup 2018

Ahead of the World Cup Quarter Finals we have been getting to know the drinking personalities of football fans and have categorised them into football positions, thanks to the help of Drink Futurologist, Lyndon Gee.

So what does this mean…are you the ‘Off Sider’ who likes to drink anything as long as it’s on the rocks? Or are you the organised host, known as ‘The Referee’, who is strict on which wine to drink with which meat.

Take a look and see which football position you fit into below for fun. Share your answer with us on Facebook using the #icecoworldcup



Off Sider

Their taste buds are a rule unto themselves. Always on the wrong side of the highball, they choose odd-tasting drinks that are definitely an acquired taste. Obscure Italian bitters that most people drink only with a sweet mixer, the off sider likes neat on the rocks. Take great delight making others taste their drink and watching them wince.

The Goal Keeper

Position themselves next to the drinks, guarding them so you have to get past before you can grab one. Insist on serving everyone else and if you nip in behind them whilst they’re distracted and help yourself they get very agitated.

The Referee

Tries to organise everyone and makes sure glasses are filled equally. They’re also very keen on drinking protocols – won’t let you drink red wine with fish, or drink beer from a wine glass. If you do, expect a red card and be told to go to the kitchen and change it for the correct glass!


Penalty Taker

Loves drinking games and will insist on everyone having shots of something nice when their team scores a goal. And if the opposition get one into the net they challenge everyone with shots of something vile, such as vodka shots with extra hot chili sauce.


Free Kicker

Like to get their kicks for free, will often turn up with an already opened bottle of wine or a four pack with one missing. This doesn’t stop them polishing off all the host’s drinks. Always goes for the most expensive booze available when they’ve bought cheap wine. Manages to disappear to the loo when it’s their round or if there is a whip-round.

Left Fielder

Doesn’t like to be pigeon holed and in order to appear mysterious they’ll drink anything.  Tries all the latest drinks and chooses a different drink each round so you’ll never be able to second guess them. Love weird flavours like bubble gum & popping candy daiquiri served in test tubes in a flowerpot full of ice.

The Team Coach

Always think they know what’s best for other people and are very keen to tell you. Tries to coerce you into having what they’re having.  Even through you tell them you don’t like something they’ll insist on you trying a sip of theirs. Often sets a fast drinking pace and insists you keep up with them.

The Dribbler

Has the terrible habit of holding a glass of wine in one hand and a bottle in the other. They never want to pass the bottle to anyone else, if you present them with a glass they’ll reluctantly half fill your glass but still never let go of the bottle.


The Arsene Wenger

They don’t drink alcohol and prefer ‘drinks with benefits’ such as aloe juice, spirulina, and coconut water with protein powder. It might look like swamp juice and taste vile but that’s part of their ‘no pain no gain’ health regime. Prefers carrot sticks to crisps too of course.

Good luck to England in their quarter final game against Sweden this weekend.

It’s COMING HOME! Remember to always drink responsibly.

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