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Top 5 Ice Cold Drinks for The Summer Holidays

Schools out which means making the most of the 6 week holidays! We couldn’t have dreamed for a summer as good as 2018 and it’s not over yet…don’t be stuck for ideas when organising a family event or BBQ, give one of our simple recipes a go from our top 5 ice-cold drinks to dish up this summer.

Whether you’re hosting a sleepover or have family of all ages over for a catch up, these quick and easy recipes can be multiplied to cater for more people. Serve in a jug or drinks dispenser to make refilling easy.

the perfect thirst-quenching refreshment.


x 3 handfuls of Premium Ice

X ½ whole watermelon

X 1 tsp of honey

X 2 squeezed limes

Top up: Water

Garnish: Lemon wheels

Method: Cut the watermelon into chunks and add to a blender with the lime juice and honey. Blend until smooth and add to a jug or drinks dispenser. Top with water and add the ice cubes. Garnish with lemon wheels and leave out for guests to help themselves.


Sparkling Sangria

Host an evening of summer drinks with a mocktail that all can enjoy. Use up the remaining fruit in your fruit bowl to create this heavenly refreshment.


X ½ handful of Premium Ice

X ½ a whole apple

X ½ a whole orange

X ½ handful of frozen grapes

X ½ handful of frozen sliced strawberries

Top up: Sparkling grapefruit juice

Method: Slice the apple and orange and place into a glass. Add the ice and all the other ingredients and top with grapefruit juice. Stir well and serve!

*Tip….multiply the ingredients and serve in a jug for easy serving.

Rainbow punch

A colourful fruity concoction.


X 1 handful of Crushed Ice

X 1 measure of orange juice

X 1 measure of grapefruit juice

X 1 tsp of grenadine

X dash of lime juice

Top up: Soda water

Method: Add everything but the ice and soda to a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into a glass over crushed ice. Top up with soda water and serve.


Mocktail Daiquiris

Tastes as good as the real thing. This mocktail daiquiri is packed with strawberries to give you the cocktail feeling without the guilt of drinking alcohol.


X 4 handfuls of Crushed Ice

X 2 handfuls of fresh strawberries

X 3 measures of water

X ½ juiced lime

Garnish: Strawberry

Method: Add all the ingredients to a blender. Blend until smooth and pour into a glass. Garnish with a strawberry and serve.

Dinner Party Delight

We’ve saved the best till last! One for the adults, entertain the parents with this alcoholic summer punch. Make sure to serve in a punch bowl or drinks dispenser…they’ll be enough to go round, promise!


X 4 handfuls of Party Ice

X 2 whole oranges

X 5 measures of gin

X 2 measures of orange liqueur

X 6 measures of Champagne or sparkling wine

Top up: Orange juice

Method: Cut the oranges into slices and add to a jug or drinks dispenser with ice. Pour in the gin, orange liqueur and champagne. Top with orange juice and stir well before serving.


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