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Easy But Tasty #StayHome Cocktails

We might be staying home, but that doesnt mean we have to restrain the inner cocktail making hero within us! You might be lacking a few of the usual cocktail ingredients though, so we have made it easy for you and picked a handful of our easy to make cocktails (and mocktail) using ingredients you are more likely to have in the house. We have also made suggestions where you can leave ingredients out or switch them if you dont have them.

1. Berry Spritz

A lush fruity spritzer, perfect for enjoying in the garden in the early evening sun (or at lunch time…why not!)

Switch the soda water for lemonade if you prefer something even sweeter.

Berry Spritz Recipe 

2. Strawberry Sangria

Sweet, pink and a little bit tangy…how can you go wrong?!

This is arguably our easiest sangria to make. And also, just the word sangria makes us think we’re in Spain which is why it will be a firm favourite in our gardens this summer!

Feel free to mix this one up a bit, add more fruit, a dash of prosecco, switch lemonade for soda….test and see and let us know your favourite!

Strawberry Sangria Recipe.

3. Cucumber Collins

This is becoming a very popular twist on a Tom Collins, top that with being easy to make and an absolute delight to drink and we’re onto a winner!

The subtle cucumber and mint make it a perfect garden drink. We dont all keep limoncello in the cupboard, so feel free to leave this out if so, it still tastes good.

Cucumber Collins recipe.

4. Apple G+T

If you have homegrown apples in the garden, even better for this one!

You can  also do a few substitutes if needed. If you don’t have elderflower tonic you can use elderflower cordial with normal tonic, add a splash of apple juice and/or a few extra apple slices!

Apple G+T Recipe.

5. ALCO FREE - Raspberry Lemonade

A taste bud tickling pleaser, and a great way to use fresh raspberries!

It is tempting to eat the raspberries in the drink, but another option is to let them soak in the drink then when finished pop them in a bowl with some yogurt and enjoy for dessert too 🙂


Raspberry Lemonade Recipe.

So, there you go! 5 easy ways to make #StayHome cocktails this summer. If you mix the ingredients up, let us know and send us photos tagging @the_ice_co as we love to see new creations!

Stay safe and enjoy!