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Top 5 Ways To Pimp Your Summer Fizz

As we sit here basking in the (quite unexpected) spring sunshine, we can’t help but dream of 5 o’clock and an ice cold glass of fizz (it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere, right?). But not just your normal glass of fizz, though (although you can’t beat that), no, we’re dreaming of something with more of a summer vibe, something with a bit of a kick or something a little bit fruity. We want to Pimp our Summer Fizz!

It’s straight forward to do. We have selected ingredients that you are most likely to have in the house that will give you the ultimate WOW when you take a sip!

First up, you need to prepare. Don’t worry, it isn’t too strenuous:

  • You will need Champagne flutes (although some work well in a slim wine glass too)
  • Chill the prosecco – for fast cooling, put it in an ice bucket with ice and water for 30 minutes before you start. If you are enjoying these in the garden (hopefully!) then the ice bucket does the trick perfectly.

Each recipe includes what you will need, aside from the beloved Prosecco. Where is says 1 part this is 15ml, but feel free to alter this to suit taste.

So here goes…our Top 5 ways to pimp your fizz this weekend.

1. Prosecco Al Fresco

You will need: Lime & Mint

Put 1 tablespoon of lime juice into a glass over lots of ice, The Ice Co Super Cubes are best for this in a large wine glass, then top up with prosecco. Add a slice of lime and a sprig of mint and enjoy.

For added effect, skewer some blueberries on a cocktail stick and place on top of the glass.

2. Pro-Groni

A relation to the much loved Negroni. If you don’t have both the sweet vermouth and Campari, just use one.

You will need: Sweet vermouth, Campari and a twist of orange zest.

Mix 1 part vermouth and 1 part Campari in the glass, top up with prosecco and serve with a twist of orange zest – you can either put this in the drink or on the glass.


3. Raspbellini

A bitter twist with a sweet hint. You can’t go wrong with this one in our eyes. If you haven’t pimped your fizz before and don’t know where to start – try this one first.

You will need: Raspberry liqueur, fresh basil (optional) and ginger (optional)

Simply add 1 part raspberry liquer into the glass and top with prosecco. If you like ginger, add a slice to the glass, this gives it the kick we like. A spring of basil also helps balance the flavour. If all else fails, you still cant go wrong with this drink even without the garnish.

4. Will you be my Clementine?

If you don’t have clementines…orange will do!

You will need: Clementine (or orange), Cointreau, Rosemary (optional)

Mix the juice of 1 clementine with 1 part Cointreau then top up with prosecco. Garnish with the sprig of rosemary and/or a slice of clementine. You might find the slice of clementine too big for the glass whilst trying to drink, so cut it up and pop it on a cocktail stick so you can take it out or move it.

5. Prosecco 1860

A truly classic way to pimp you Prosecco – and one of our favourites.

You will need: Elderflower cordial and lemon.

Shake 1 part elderflower cordial with 1 part lemon juice with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into a flute and top with prosecco. Serve with a twist of lemon or a couple of mint leaves.

What we LOVE about this one is it also tastes GREAT as an alcohol free version. Replace the prosecco with sparkling water and serve in a wine glass with lots of ice and you have an alco free party in a  glass! Great for the non drinkers, and also good to have as a refreshment inbetween alcoholic drinks.

So, our Top 5 ways to Pimp your Prosecco. Give them a try and let us know what you think by tagging your pics using @the_ice_co.

Remember to drink responsibly, especially if you’re enjoying the sun in the garden.

If you like these, you’ll love our summer spritz recipes we will be sharing later this month. Keep an eye on Facebook and Social Media for that.