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Fun Ideas to Ring in the New Year at Home

For people across the world, New Year’s Eve will look a little different this year. Instead of heading out for a night on the tiles, many of us will be donning our PJ’s and settling down for a night on the sofa. But ringing in 2021 doesn’t need to be a tame affair – there’s plenty of fun ideas to ring in the New Year at home. From virtual cocktail masterclasses, to creating your own home mini-bar, here are some New Year ideas to inspire you.


Create your own mini-bar

If your usual new year ideas list consists of a local bar crawl in search of craft cocktails, there’s nothing to stop you recreating the magic at home. Stock up on special ingredients, get your cocktail glasses at the ready and prepare to play bartender for the night.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional champagne cocktail like our Champagne Sparkle, or something more fresh and crisp like a G&T, there are hundreds of great new year drink recipes at your fingertips to inspire you. Don’t forget the Party Ice to cool your bottles and drinks, then trade up for your more sophisticated drinks pick up a bag of Premium Ice or Super Cubes.


The best thing about creating a home mini-bar? You won’t be paying new year prices and will have enough leftover for when you finish Dry January!

Have an old-school games night

Although you might not be spending this new year with a big group of friends around a beer pong table, you can still have a hoot at home. How? By having a family old-school games night full of classics like Twister, Scrabble and Cluedo.

With our modern lifestyles depending so much on tech, a new year games night can be a fantastic way to reconnect and have fun with those closest to you. For an extra special touch, create some platters of your family’s favourite snacks, and premake your cocktails and mocktails to ensure you’re topped up all night!

Have a romantic dinner party

Food is the language of love – so if you and your partner are looking for romantic new year ideas, consider staging your own dinner party for two. For an authentic experience, put on your poshest frock, write a bespoke three-course menu, and pick some luxurious drinks to compliment your posh nosh.

As this will be your final meal of 2020, it’d be rude not to make this evening one of sheer indulgence. You can start 2021 full of good intentions, but before you do, go out with a bang!


Make the kids some New Year celebration kits

If your children are feeling the post-Christmas lull and you’re looking for ideas to give them a special new year, creating them celebration kids could be the answer. Fill a paper bag with snacks and accessories like sweets, confetti, flags and sparklers, and give it to them a couple of hours before midnight. They’ll be able to feast on the snacks, throw the confetti and step outside with their sparklers when the clock strikes 12.


Enjoy the finer things in life – in your comfies

Are you usually walking around a crowded bar trying to find your friends? This year, they’ll know where to find you – at home in your comfies. For minimal effort and great reward, grab a charcuterie board, sit back, relax and wash it down with a classic cocktail like a Moscow Mule or Pornstar Martini.


Try a virtual cocktail making class

Confused about which tier means what, or how many people you can bubble with? Fear not, because you don’t even have to step outside your house to try something new. Now, you take a virtual cocktail making class from the comfort of your own home! Sound like fun? It is! Check out My Flamingos or Boozy Events.


2020 has certainly been a roller coaster, but there are plenty of great things on the horizon – and that deserves a celebration! We hope you’ve enjoyed these New Year ideas – and whatever you do to celebrate, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous year ahead.