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Please Note: This is only to be used as a guide – weather and occasion type may alter the amount of ice required. If you are unsure please contact us. Larger volume packs are available for large scale events, our 1kg and 2kg packs can be found in retailers, off licences, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.

Its a
family affair

Our History

A lot has happened since 1860...


Joseph Marr

Joseph Marr was the man who started it all way back in 1860. His fishing fleet needed to keep their catch cold whilst at sea so he started importing glacial ice from Norway.

These days ice is still at the forefront of everything we do and The Ice Co° has grown to be Europe’s leading manufacturer of ice with innovative products and a passion for all things icy!

The business is still family owned to this day, now led by the sixth generation and we’re all very proud to make the finest quality ice. We don’t import it from Norway anymore though, it’s made right here in good old Blighty using super modern, state of the art purification and production techniques

1860 1860

The Beginning

It all started six generations ago with Joseph Marr, an entrepreneurial young fish and ice merchant in Hull. Fishing fleets needed to keep their catch cold, however ice wasn’t so readily available in those days so he imported glacial ice from Norway.

1870 1870 - 1896

Expanding the fleet

Joseph Marr bought his first fishing vessel and expanded his fleet over the following fifteen years. Moving to Fleetwood in 1896.

1908 1908

the first ice factory

Spotting an opportunity in the market, son of Joseph Marr – James, founded The Fylde Ice Company and the first ice factory was built to produce crushed ice for fishermen and trawlers.

1927 1927

cold storage

The demand for cold storage was high, so Fylde Ice built its first cold store to offer cold storage services to fish merchants.

Over the following years, demand for ice continued but more so now for its use in the home. Following a trip to America (where ice was already developing rapidly in the retail market) and with an entrepreneurial spirit an ice machine was bought to enable production of ice for wholesale and food service market.

1987 1987

ice goes on sale

By 1987, ice demand was so much so that Fylde Ice invested in their ice manufacturing and Party Ice, our best selling product today, was sold for the first time!

1997 1997

move into retail

An ice factory was bought in Newark (Polarcube) to allow the business to grow and develop further into retail.

2003 2003

spring water acquisition

The Ice Co’s spring water site in East Yorkshire was bought to fulfil a demand for spring water ice cubes.

2007 2007

continued growth

Continued growth and investment led to the purchase of a new site in West Yorkshire, home to our head office. A new state of the art ice factory was built and cold storage services were expanded to third party customers.

201 2010

The birth of the ice co

Now led by Generation Six of the Marr family, with the continued entrepreneurial spirit and passion as Joseph Marr and successive generations. A company rebrand and streamline split ice manufacturing and cold storage services into 2 separate entities, aptly named – The Ice Co (that’s us!) and The Ice Co Storage & Logistics (our sister company).

2014 2014

exporter of the year

The Ice Co lead the ice market in the UK and Europe and are awarded ‘Exporter of the Year’ at the Grocer Gold Awards. The range is given a new look and a new product – Super Cubes – is launched following a demand for a slow melting, premium spring water ice cube for use in more premium drinking occasions.

2015 2015

ice & easy introduced

A range of award winning frozen cocktails launched under the ‘Ice & Easy’ brand.

2017 2017

a busy year

A brand new look for the ice range, as well as major factory investment to launch a brand new product, Premium Ice. Frozen Ice Shot Glasses were launched in Tesco for Christmas and Frozen Rose and Fizz were launched in the Ice & Easy range.

2018 2018

Party Ice celebrated its 30th birthday and the UK had its hottest summer on record!



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