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Estimated amount of ice required for cooling and serving:

What is the ice for?:

Number of people:


Please Note: This is only to be used as a guide – weather and occasion type may alter the amount of ice required. If you are unsure please contact us. Larger volume packs are available for large scale events, our 1kg and 2kg packs can be found in retailers, off licences, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.

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  about it!


Please see below for everything you need to know about the Around The World Charity Challenge.


What is the event?

Each year we have our annual charity day, held at the end of summer. Due to the current pandemic, this year we will be unable to hold this event however we wanted to do something for charity so we decided to do something special, something everyone could get involved with and something we haven’t done before.


We have decided to set ourselves a challenge, a big one! The challenge will run throughout this summer starting on Thursday 9th July for 8 weeks, ending on Thursday 3rd September.


What is the challenge?

We are setting a challenge to see if The Ice Co team, with our families, can cover the distance around the world in 8 weeks. We have chosen a route we would ‘virtually’ take which is 25,000 miles.


You can walk, bike, run, any way you wish which gets you out and about doing some exercise with your family to raise money.


Although we will be doing the miles near home, the route we will cover takes us around the world covering famous landmarks from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal.


What do we need to do?

All you need to do is every time you go on a walk, bike or run make sure you make a note of the miles you do and send them once a week to [email protected] or give them to your line manager or site charity rep who will send them in.


For ideas of how to track your miles, see question further down.


How do we measure it?

Every week, we will add up all the miles covered by you and your families that week that you submit and add it to our tally on the dedicated website so everybody will be able to see how far we have covered and raised. You will be able to email your miles to [email protected] or let your line manager know who can pass it on.


How will money be raised?

For every mile we cover, The Ice Co will donate 50p to the charity pot…that is a total of £12,500 the company will donate if we cover the total distance!


As usual you will also be able to donate if you wish, there will also be training tops available to buy with all proceeds going to charity. See question below about donations.


Who can get involved?

Anyone working at The Ice Co and their families! Yes, we want to encourage the whole family to get involved and you can submit the miles for everyone who did the exercise. Or, if you go for a walk with a friend, include their miles too.

For example, if a family of 3 go for a 4 mile walk you submit the miles for the whole family = 3 people x 4 miles = 12 miles!


Do we have to do it?

No, you do not have to do it, however even if you walk to the shops, take the dog for a walk or a steady bike ride we would encourage you to send your miles in. Even if you do 1 piece of exercise in the time, it all counts towards raising money!


How do we donate?

On charity day many of our employees also donate money on the day, and you will still be able to do this. There are a number of ways you can donate:

  • Give money to your designated site charity rep:
    1. Driffield – Liam Dandy
    2. Fleetwood – Andy Jarvis and Anna Fiedor
    3. South Kirkby Factory – James Faetz
    4. South Kirkby Office – Jessica Wilsdon


  • There are links to Just Giving pages for 4 charities on the website (www.theiceco.co.uk/aroundtheworld) so those external to the company can donate too, but you can also use these.



What route do we cover?

Although the miles will be covered locally, we will virtually be travelling the distance around the world via famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Burj Khalifa and Taj Mahal. The route we will follow is:


UK South Kirkby Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower 474
Eiffel Tower Italy Leaning Tower of Pisa 671
Italy Crete Beaches! 1435
Crete Egypt Pyramids of Giza 1983
Egypt Dubai Burj Khalifa 1909
Dubai India Taj Mahal 1424
India Thailand Bangkok 2706
Thailand China Forbidden City 2354
China Japan Mount Fuji 1358
Japan Canada Niagara Falls 6512
Canada America Statue of Liberty 451
America UK Stonehenge 3502
UK UK South Kirkby 221
TOTAL 25000


We will keep you updated as to where we are!


What charities will we be supporting?

As usual when we hold charity day it is important to us that we support the charities that mean the most to our employees. This means that very often we get nominations for small local charities that really need support.


There will be 4 charities selected from nominations already received that will be available via the DONATE link on the website. This is so any people external to the company can donate here.


All other charities nominated by employees will be put into a selection with all nominated charities, like we usually do, to receive money from the total amount raised through the challenge. So the further we walk, the more money we raise for those charities that mean so much to us!


Employees can submit nominations through the event website by clicking the ‘Nominate a Charity’ button.


Charities will be announced throughout as nominations are sent it. The amount donated to each charity will be announced at the end of the event in September.


Can people outside the company donate?

Yes, anybody can donate. The easiest way is to follow the link to ‘DONATE’ on the website. Otherwise email [email protected]


How do I track my miles?

If you have a smartphone there are apps available to track your distance such as Strava and Map My Walk.

If you have a smart watch these usually also have an activity function which will measure your route.

We can also convert the ‘steps’ on your smart phone to miles if you forget to switch a tracker on.

Alternatively, you can map your route on a map, or on Google Maps too. We are happy to help with this if needed, and will post more information about the easiest way to track as the challenge starts.


How do I get a charity training top?

You can order a charity training top by emailing [email protected] or by speaking to your site charity rep. Training tops are £10 each with all £10 going into the charity pot. They are lightweight and breathable so perfect for exercising in the warm weather. There are adults and childrens sizes available so feel free to order as many as you like.

Size Guide:
Small: Chest 18.9″ Length 27.5″
Medium: Chest 20.08″ Length 28.7″
Large: Chest 21.2″ Length 28.7″
X Large: Chest 22.4″ Length 29.13″
XX Large: Chest 23.6″ Length 29.5″
XXX Large: Chest 24.3″ Length 31.5″

4 Years: Chest 13.3″ Length 19.6″
8 Years: Chest 14.9″ Length 21.6″
12 Years: Chest 16.5″ Length 23.6″
16 Years: Chest 18.1″ Length 25.5″



If you have any other questions, please get in touch with Ginny Woolhouse, Jessica Wilsdon or email [email protected]


Don’t Forget!

Take photos when you are out on your walk, run or cycle and send them to us…we will share them on our website and social media to show people how we are getting on!


Good Luck!