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5 Days of Sports Smoothies with The Ice Co and Fluid Fin

  This year The Ice Co is very proud to sponsor Fluid Fin, a professional Mountain Bike Cross Country team made up of competitive brothers Hamish and Sebastian Batchelor.   Prior to the 2012 season the brothers decided cross country mountain biking was their passion and the best way to make this work for them, and to […]

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The Ice Co are not all about making ice…..we are also proud sponsors of professional mountain bike XC team Fluid Fin.

Last week The Ice Co met up with Olympic hopefuls Hamish and Sebastian Bachelor who make up Fluid Fin, a professional Mountain Bike Cross Country Team. The Ice Co is proud to sponsor the team so we caught up with them on their return home from the first round of the British National XC Series. Prior to the […]

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Pregnant? Craving ice? Read on

Don’t be ashamed, craving odd foods when you’re pregnant is nothing new and you’re certainly not on your own; even if your longing is for ice. And if frozen water is your thing it’s okay, it’s only pagophagia and there’s really no need to worry. Cravings occur frequently during pregnancy and certain ones such as […]

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