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Please Note: This is only to be used as a guide – weather and occasion type may alter the amount of ice required. If you are unsure please contact us. Larger volume packs are available for large scale events, our 1kg and 2kg packs can be found in retailers, off licences, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.

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Japanese Ice Art with Ice Connoisseurs

When it comes to caring about what you put in your drink, we here at The Ice Co like to think that we know our stuff. With our occasion based ice products, we aim at helping drinks reach their full potential with a product range that educates on the ‘how to”s of using bagged ice!

However, there are a few very talented individuals in Japan that have gained recent internet stardom from their skills regarding ice and mixology.

A name which will surely ring a bell in the world of Japanese ice carving and mixology (if you have very specific tastes…) is..

Hidetsugu Ueno!

If you haven’t heard his name, you just may have seen his work…

This video has circulated social media for some time now due to it’s  satisfying appeal, based around Hidetsugu’s obvious care, passion and skill shown in the final product.

He owns a small bar in Tokyo but it is always full due to his renowned  talent. However his ambition isn’t from enterprise or profit but from the art of mixology itself. This statement becomes more creditable when I tell you that the man doesn’t even drink, not a drop!



details seem to be magnified through the ice

Last but by no means is the established Japanese whiskey company..

Suntory’s Whiskey

This company hire agency (TBWA) who have serious technology which can pay an extraordinary attention to detail. Together they conducted a campaign which left the world in awe and won multiple marketing awards.

I’ll say no more and let the ice do the talking from here (and yes these are all real ice!)

I know! We couldn’t believe it either. Incredible works of art and the ‘making of’ video is possibly even more captivating!


We hope you enjoyed seeing these works of ice genius as much as we did!