Ice Co Around The World

Ice around the world

This year, employees at The Ice Co will be covering the distance it takes to travel around the world by walking, cycling and running to raise money for the charities that mean the most to us. We will aim to cover the 25,000 miles from mid July throughout 2020…no easy feat!

For every mile we cover, The Ice Co will donate 50p per mile to a total of £12,500!  We will also be thrilled at any additional donations which can be made via the ‘donate’ button.


Total Raised so far


Get Involved

Run, cycle or walk

Employees and their families are encouraged to walk, run, cycle or swim. Even if just nipping to the shops...why not ditch the car and walk?! Every little helps!

Contribute distance

Every mile counts...for every mile we cover The Ice Co will donate 50p with a total of £12,500 to be raised! We would also love additional support through donations via the 'donate' button. If you use the 'donate' button there are 4 chosen charities to donate to, or you can contribute to the total pot.

Raise money for CHARITY

Employees nominate charities they wish the money to go towards, we will announce these further down the page as nominations are received. When the challenge ends, we will distribute the money across these charities.

Current Distance


100 %
25,000 mi 25,000 mi

Recent Activities

December walks and runs

Phil R

78 78 miles

December walks and rides

Alan B

14 14 miles

December dog walks

Eleanor H

21 21 miles

December walks

Jess W

15 15 miles

3 weeks walks runs and rides

Lee family & friends

365 365 miles

Activity Highlights

Supporting Local charities

Through our fundraising and challenge we will raise money for the charities that mean the most to our employees. Employees of The Ice Co can nominate charities via this link throughout the challenge. When the challenge is complete we will distribute the fund amongst those nominated.

Training shirts to support!

Look the part as you take part with our 'Around The World' training shirts. Why not get them for all the family
to help raise awareness of what we are doing?
All £10 goes to charity.

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Total raised so far...

We aim to raise £15,000 by the end of the event. £12,500 will be donated from
The Ice Co if we cover the 25,000 miles, but we want to do more! You can donate via the below link to help!