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Please Note: This is only to be used as a guide – weather and occasion type may alter the amount of ice required. If you are unsure please contact us. Larger volume packs are available for large scale events, our 1kg and 2kg packs can be found in retailers, off licences, wholesalers and distributors across the UK.


Let’s face it 2020 is not the year we had in mind but as far as we’re concerned, Christmas isn’t cancelled. We’re not going to let Christmas slip through our fingers without enjoying all those special little moments that give you a warm tingle and get you in the real festive spirit.

Little Moments Winter Recipes


& Bright

Christmas Is Not Cancelled

Shut work down. Break out the good cheer. Clink your glasses together and escape. Let’s have a merry and bright Christmas with our nearest and dearest!

Yes, it’s going to be a bit different. Yes, we’ll have to improvise, but we’re not going to let anything spoil the festive fun.

Little Moments

Shutting Off
for Christmas

Trying to juggle work and home life has been tough, especially if you’ve been working from home.

Clear your diary. Don’t accept any more meetings. Slam your laptop shut. Let’s pour ourselves an ice-cold and get into the merry and bright spirit.


Baubles & Bubbles

There’s nothing better to get you into the Christmas spirit than Christmas decorations. Once you’ve retrieved them from the loft, untangled the fairy lights, dusted your baubles and decked out the tree, you know Christmas is on its way.

It’s the perfect time to put a bottle of bubbly on ice and toast yourselves for getting through 2020.


Curl Up and Clink

You know it’s Christmas when you’ve had your first of many mince pies curled up nice and cosy on your sofa. Totally irresistible, they give you a wonderful warm feeling and immediately give you the flavour of Christmas.


Be Nice with Ice

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s when a little thought can make a big difference.
Leave a special someone their favourite bottle over ice on the door step and catch their reaction from the end of the drive.


Christmas Cheers

Christmas is all about family and friends. This year, it could be difficult to have everyone over but we can still toast each other and enjoy their company via Facetime and Zoom.

Whether it’s speaking to grandma in Australia with a G&T, kids seeing their cousins whilst sipping a glass of lemonade with ice or mates just having a laugh, get online and catch up with your nearest and dearest!


Festive Drinks

For all our latest festive cocktails that you can indulge in over the Christmas period head over to our recipes page. Our Little Book of Festive Drinks is full of seasonal recipe ideas from gin dosed cocktails to alcohol free alternatives plus an abundance of indulgent festive drinks. Not only that, we have teamed up with expert mixologist Rich Woods AKA ‘The Cocktail Guy’ and Tart London to share even more recipes and inspiration. One not to miss!



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